Series: Sexual Violence In Academia


Periodically, we will be featuring blog posts on our Inside Higher Ed column (and republished here) about sexual violence in higher education.  We received many submissions to our call for blog posts on the topic, ranging from personal experiences to teaching about and doing research on sexual violence, from critiques of how universities facilitate sexual violence to recommendations for structural and cultural changes on campuses.  Through this series, we aim to amplify the voices of survivors of sexual violence that occurs in academic contexts, to aggravate the academic status quo that facilitates sexual violence, and to advocate for meaningful change in classrooms, research, departments, and at conferences.

We will continue to log new blog posts here as the series proceeds in case you are unable to keep up, and so that you can refer back to the entire series in the future.

Teaching On/And Sexual Violence

Survivors Navigating Academia


  • “Stalking on Campus: Safe Walks, Not Security” by Meghan Krausch (7/18/17)
  • 10 Tips for a More Humane Workplace” (advice for supporting a colleague who is being stalked) by Meghan Krausch (7/21/17)
  • Related: “Ignore at Your Own Risk” (calls for educating colleagues about stalking before it happens) by Anna Sher (7/21/17)

Title IX

Critiques of Campus Policies, Programs, and Culture

Intersectionality and Sexual Violence

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