A Call For Campus Safe Walks To Protect Victims Of Stalking

The following blog post, by Dr. Meghan Krausch (bio at the end), is only being published on our site, ConditionallyAccepted.com rather than on our career advice column on Inside Higher Ed (IHE). Meg is one of multiple bloggers contributing to our ongoing blog series on sexual violence in academia who have been asked by IHE […]

Why I Am Committed To Fighting Oppression In Academia

“Facts about the Black vagina — the hardest working vagina in America.” A few days ago, I watched in awe as activist and legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw read her poem, “The Black Vagina,” at a production of The Vagina Monologues in Harlem, NY.  Unfortunately, I did not actually observe from the audience in the infamous […]

Intellectual Violence In Academia

For over a year now, I have been seeing a therapist to work through the trauma that was my graduate training. I have a knack for discussing personal troubles publicly, so I have been writing about the recovery process over the past year, as well. I figure, since the structure and culture of the academy […]

Opposition To “Trigger Warnings” Reinforces The Status Quo

Please don’t be fooled by the surprisingly firm assertion made in this post’s title.  I prefer to pose it as a question because I do not actually know for certain.  You see, I decided to stay out of the debates over the use of “trigger warnings” in college classrooms since first reading an argument against […]

On Being A Black, Dyslexic, And Unstoppable Academic

Note: this blog post was originally published on our Inside Higher Ed column. Shawn Anthony Robinson is an independent scholar and dyslexia consultant who brings a wealth of academic experience, training and knowledge about the psychological development of dyslexia. His research has been highlighted in NBC News in an article titled “This Man Is Searching […]

On Being Bipolar: A Different Kind Of Recovery Narrative

Seth is a PhD candidate and lecturer at a large public university. His work tackles issues of affect, psychiatry, and sexuality in the post WWII American novel. He has taught courses on gendered violence, feminism, and American sexuality. Seth was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 7 years ago. He has been sober for over 19 months. […]