Happy 1st Birthday, Conditionally Accepted!

Photo adapted from Gustav Aagesen (http://bit.ly/1er9wGk)

Photo adapted from Gustav Aagesen (http://bit.ly/1er9wGk)

Happy birthday, Conditionally Accepted!

One year ago, I revived a short-lived, anonymous blog devoted to essays for and by scholars who are on the margins of academia.  Now

Where is the blog now, after Year One?  Well, we have grown, with Sonya joining as an assistant editor shortly after the blog’s revival.  And just this week, Jeana Jorgensen joined the staff as a regular contributor!  (Please look for a series of posts from her starting next week.)  We continue to feature occasional guest posts by Wendy Christensen, Manya Whitaker, Jeff Kosbie, Michaela A. Nowell, Nyasha Junior, Tanya Golash-Boza, and many other contributors.  (Please add your own voice, too!)

Gauging impact, especially after only a year, is a difficult task.  We surpassed 150,000 site views, have over 850 followers on Facebook and 1,700 on Twitter (@conditionaccept).  But, what do these numbers mean?  I am happy to report that I occasionally receive emails and Tweets thanking me for creating Conditionally Accepted.  We will probably never hear “your blog changed my life!”  But, it is moving to know that the blog has helped some scholars to know they are not alone, or that more options exist than their advisors/colleagues tell them.  As for creating significant change in academia, we could never isolate the impact of our blog from the growing list of other academic bloggers and activists.  The more the merrier!

My hope is that we will be going strong for years to come, growing in staff, readership, and impact.  Looking ahead to Year 2!

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  1. Way to go!!


  2. Congratulations on finishing your first year. I really appreciate the level that you and the other contributors make your experiences accessible to others. I enjoy your posts here and look forward to learning more in year 2.


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