Call For Papers On Marginalized Students’ Experiences

Students’ Experience Of Marginality And Power On Campus

Call for papers:

We are seeking authors for three chapters to be included a forthcoming edited volume on college students’ experiences of marginality and power on residential campuses. The volume comprises contemporary works that take into account raced, classed, and gendered identities, among others, as significant influences in students’ on-campus experiences.

We are looking for work in the following areas:

  • Hispanic/Latina/o students
  • Student or institutional discourses of identity and/or diversity
  • Dorms as social spaces

Each chapter must be qualitative, based on recent research, and previously unpublished. We are especially interested in intersectional analyses that consider multiple facets of identity.

First drafts would need to be received by April 1 and final drafts by September 1. To submit an abstract for a proposed chapter or for more information, please  contact Liz Lee at